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The Submersible Scooter

1. The submersible scooter is an un-enclosed, small-motored electric diving device, derived from diving bells and scuba technology.

The diving scooter has been put into use for more than ten years, its quantity is reliable and no accident has occurred when it entered into the market until now. it is very easy to operate, with only a few minutes of training, the driver can operate the scooter skillfully and have a happy underwater tour under the guidance of the instructor. It's as simple as riding an electric bike!

2. No experience or diving certification required, no need to wear an oxygen mask.

3. Security and environment protection. Besides its emergency life-saving system, the scooter is equipped also a positioning floating ball. The diving organizer can adjust or control the diving depth at any time according to the underwater situation or the driver’s control ability, thus can avoid damaging underwater ecology.

The diving motorcycle quickly became popular because of its three advantages: 1 simple operation. Just a few minutes of basic training, without any experience or diving license can quickly become proficient to operate a diving motorcycle, as simple as riding an electric bike! Want to ride a bike underwater? No goggles, no oxygen mask, no load, great experience. 3 safety and environmental protection. In addition to the emergency life-saving system, the submersible motorcycle is also equipped with a positioning float. Diving organizers can adjust or control the depth of the dive at any time, depending on the underwater conditions or the pilot's ability to control the dive, thus avoiding damage to the underwater ecology.

Jet Skis are used at sea

Used on the platform

Soon after entering the market, the submersible scooter has received a great proclaim from the diving enthusiasts and diving operators. At the diving bases of Sanya, like Yalong Bay, Dadong Bay, West Islet, and the Boundary Islet, where has the highest passenger flow volume, have set up submersible scooter item and special diving platforms.

Diving platform can be made into a variety of shapes, but should consider the following factors: 1. The platform area should be large enough to accommodate peak season visitors. 2. The structure must be stable enough to withstand force 7 or 8 waves. 3. For the speeder bikes to take off and land on the platform.

With the rapid increasing of the market demand, we believe that the submersible scooter has a great potential in the future. While satisfying the underwater driving desire, in the meantime, the submersible scooter can also bring a great investment return for the business operators.

You are welcome to visit the following diving attractions, enjoy the FUN OF UNDERWATER DRIVING!

Famous Yalong Bay resort: Underwater World

Dadonghai diving platform

Yalong Bay has a professional diving platform

Diving bike

Used in Swimming Pool

Our operating company in Sanya is equipped with independent training pools. Professional diving coaches will assist you in the practice of diving scooter, scuba diving and other items. Welcome to experience! (Our operating company is also a long-term member of PADI, CUA.)

The diving scooter can be lifted and launched easily on yachts and any boat with relevant conditions through our portable crane.

Using a submersible motor on the beach can be easily lifted and launched from a yacht or any boat equipped with the necessary conditions through our portable crane. A submersible motorcycle used on the beach can be moved with the help of a beach conveyor. The bike must be pushed to a depth where it can stay naturally afloat, and then passengers can enter and operate the beach conveyor. The shape and size of the board can be determined based on the local sand and environment. Soft Sand Beach and hard sand beach have different requirements on the transport plate. According to the different sand condition of users, we can customize the different shape and size of the sand transport board, which is convenient for users to operate.

The shape and size of the beach pallets used on the beach can be determined according to the local sand quality and environment. Soft Sand Beach and hard sand beach have different requirements on the transport plate. According to the different sand condition of users, we can customize the different shape and size of the sand transport board, which is convenient for users to operate.


A dirt bike on the beach must be pushed to a certain depth so that it stays naturally afloat, and passengers can enter and operate it

A submersible motorcycle used on the beach can be moved with the help of a beach conveyor. With the help of a beach conveyor, an adult can easily push a dive bike into the water.


Through the elevator system into the Boundary Island (Hainan, China) reception hall

Reception hall is available on the diving sites

The pictures presentation and item explanation in the reception hall is the foremost link to make tourists  to be familiar with the diving project and arouse their interests in participating. The pictures below are the reception halls in the diving stations in Sanya.

Boundary Island (Hainan, China) resort visitor center

One group of tourists is receiving Operation Training, another group of tourists are waiting

Introduction Hall of diving motorcycle in Boundary Island (Hainan, China)

Dive Bikes for tourists

Introduction to the use of scenic spots diving motorcycle rental companies must train and recruit an excellent coach team This is a major prerequisite for increasing visitor satisfaction, ensuring dive safety, and important assurance in product training, as detailed in our dive bike operating manual.

Product packaging


Our products can give you a chance to create a new business opportunities and to grow more profits.

Happy Walrus is a new business opportunity that generates a great income by renting out our scooters to virtually anyone (no experience or diving certification required). This is an adventurous and exciting way to explore the underwater world with our environmentally-friendly diving scooters that are operated by an electric motor only.

We had used Happy Walrus in place around the world today. Since its introduction in the market, the business model has been a great success.

Business Running Projection

The business model offered here is based upon real operations in existence today in different corners of the world. Trip fees can range from $ 100.00 to $150.00 per passenger.

The S-1 (1-seater) accommodates 1 passengers per dive.

The S-2 (2-seater) accommodates 2 passengers per dive.

  1 carrying boat with 2 units of the S-1 (1-seater), and another carrying with 1 unit of S-2. (2-seater)   

   2 trips daily, 6 passengers per trip

  $100-150 per passenger in 30 minutes dive time (The rest of the passengers can arrange for recreational activities such as fishing, fish feeding or scuba diving on the boat during the waiting time to increase their income from a single trip.)

 This combination will generate on an average a daily gross income of $1200-1800

The Submersible Scooter
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