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The Semi-submersible Scooter

It is a revolutionary brand new semi-submersible scooter that independently designed and developed by us. The viewing cabin is located 1.3M underwater and can carry 3 guests at the same time. The control cabin is above the waterline. This product is specially designed for low visibility sea conditions. It can be used when the underwater visibility is 3-5M. The semi-submersible scooter comes with air conditioning, providing guests with a comfortable underwater viewing environment. This product can be equipped with full electric, hybrid power or other power modes. The viewing cabin can be equipped with an optional control system to allows guests experience the fun of driving.


Product Highlights

v  A new way of water entertainment provides visitors with a way to enjoy the underwater sightseeing without wearing water breathing equipment, no need to wetting their bodies, no risk, and no need to participating in any diving training.

v  Various power configurations to meet difference use of environments.

v  Hybrid power provides more stable thrust and longer service life.

v  Large angle of underwater sightseeing glass provides wider field of vision.

v  Equipped with underwater lighting system, which can be used at night.

v  Built in air conditioner to keep the cabin comfortable in different environments.

v  The viewing cabin can be equipped with an optional control system, which allows passengers to experience the happiness of self driving.

v  This product has obtained CE certification.


Technical Data


Length: 4.3M  Width: 2.5M, Height: 2.85M

Weight: 3.2 T

Recommended power: 40 HP

Rated seating capacity: 4 persons

The Semi-submersible Scooter
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